Ugly American Brands


A GfK Roper Consulting study just reported that American brands are taking a major image hit around the world. Iconic brands like Coke, MacDonald’s and Gillette are losing their luster, while BMW, Sony and Honda are gaining. Could this be tied to our foreign policies around the world? Of course, it is.

The Ugly American was once cartoonish notion of boisterous, demanding tourists. It was almost real enough to be true. Today, however, it’s different.  Abroad, American’s are being painted with a single ideological brush and, fair or not, it is rubbing off on our products. If our products are become negative symbols of America and American culture, things are starting to go downhill fast. 
It’s every American’s responsibility to improve our country’s image. Let take control of our image. Leadership begins at home. The home where you park your car.