Waffle Club.


President Trump is often quoted, when talking about policy, as saying “We’ll see what happens.” If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a hundred times. It’s the executive waffle. Corporate executive don’t have the luxury of this waffle. They’d be fired. From a dude who came out of the business worlds he should know better.

Many people who (so-called) work in branding take this approach, as do people working in advertising. When I was in advertising the work never came with a “It will work” guarantee. We knew a percentage of people would see it. And a percentage would recall it. But we only guessed as to how many would actually buy.

In brand strategy, we establish an organizing principle for products, experience and messaging. That organizing principle, done properly, must guarantee consumers will purchase the product. Maybe not all consumers — but a targeted group of consumers. Yes, I said guarantee. Brand strategy creates a value proposition using an evidence claim and proof array that delivers sales. Brand strategy is not pictures, and templates and “brand voice.”

A paper brand strategy is the most important component of commerce.

If the product doesn’t deliver, something has to change. If the ad agents don’t deliver, the same. The formula must be right. It’s science. Experimenters need not apply.

Before you hire a naming company, art director, copywriter or media person – all potential contributors to the waffle club — get your paper strategy right. It will save you time and money.