Wage an Idea.


Blackberry is really taking a pasting. They waited and waited for the launch of the new Z10 and when it finally hit the street, initial reviews were pretty good — pundits liked the new email software, for instance. But while buying my new Lumia 928 recently I asked my Verizon dealer (R&K Trading Inc.) if the Z10 was moving and, sadly, he said they sold a bunch at first but half were returned.

Not what Blackberry needed.

Today in my paper paper is a Blackberry ad with side-by-side pics of a Z10 and a Q10, the latter being an updated BB with the keyboard taking up half the body. Wage Business is the headline. No copy, not humanity, no proof.

Blackberry, while putting energy and business protein behind losing the RIM name, should have waged some business of its own and gotten behind a brand plan. Wage Business is a great brand strategy and tagline. “Keep Moving” not so much. One could easily find 3 discrete planks to support Wage Business.

BB corporate would say that focusing on business would limit their consumer appeal. They would be right. But whither be the brand after despoiling it with a watered down, non-endemic idea.  Remember “love?”

Business isn’t just conducted by people in suits. Business is the money-end of life. It appeals to all. Wage Business with a brand plan. It will focus the product, the company, and stabilized the stock.  But do it today. Peace.