What customers want.


I enjoy coming up with ideas that, as an old mentor once suggested, create market discontinuities.  That’s 60s or 70s speak.  Today let’s just call it ideas the redistribute marketing wealth.  It was reported today that $69 billion was spent in the US last year on mobile phones. The lack of a security app to keep them from being stolen keeps this number high. An app that does so, will cut the market size number significantly. I mean, GDP of Rumania significantly. 

When consumers save money the market gets smaller – marketers don’t like that too much. Consumers do. And marketers who find ways to save the consumer money build loyalty. And I’m not just suggesting price savings and coupons…heavens no.

I’ve had  lot off ideas before their time and here’s a fun one. A Kindle Exchange.  I have a 100 books on my Kindle and they just sit there. My neighbor has a 100 books on her Kindle and they just sit there.  Using Sneaker Net, if I were to (ta dah) walk next store and exchange Kindles with her, I would have likely 50 new books for the price of some sneaker tread. If I were to search people of likemind and borrow their Kindles?  I might find some new writers and friends.

Why doesn’t Kindle come up with this idea?  You know why.  Why doesn’t the book publishers association? You know why.  Amazon, should introduce something like this and even if it  actually sells a few less Kindles it will bring more custies to Amazon love. Peace!