You one finest, overcome excellence.


When in a fun mood, I like to speak in a dialect called angry Korean grocer, something picked up on Saturday Night Live skit. Silly I know, but it makes my wife laugh. The title of this post is not in that dialect though, it is an assemblage of 5 headlines from NYU Langone Medical Center’s latest ad campaign (the comma is mine). Each one-word headline sits atop an expensive testimonial picture and one sentence story, followed by a little sell, e.g., Scott Abrams, injured in the line of duty, walked out of our hospital, when he couldn’t walk in.”

The campaign, for a reason unbeknownst to the reader is entitled “Any Given Moment.” Developed by Arnold NY, an agency that should know better, it is “we’re here” advertising at its worst. Lots of hospitals have taken to the papers and airwaves with new campaigns this season, but this one is pretty much idealess. Hospitals are notorious for creating badvertising, often filled with miraculous survivor stories, yet the category has been getting better. “NYU and AR-nold suffer setback. Hope they overcome.”