Search Me???


Here’s a layman’s take on AI (artificial intelligence): It’s like a big, smart Google search of the world’s data, cross-connecting findings and continuing on towards answering predetermined questions. Learning from itself along the way. While reading he NYT this morning I came across a company called Benevolent AI who was searching for a cure for the coronavirus. Their work turned up a drug called baricitinib (boy, could they use a branding shop). Without stepping on my como se llama too hard, let’s just say Benevolent AI put in a parameter “find a cure for Covid19” and the search turned up among other things a drug originally meant to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

AI is amazingly cool. And we are only scratching the surface.

Search and advanced search is what the web is all about. In Benevolent AI’s situation, the algo is searching the web but also medical papers and journals. Marketers have been using web search as a tool for years. As have I, at What’s The Idea? The What’s The Idea? blog, 15 years in the making, has generated more content than most any other branding blog or consultant, save for Seth Godin who’s a beast. With about 2,700 blog posts, each keyworded with “whatstheidea” and “whats the idea,” should be pretty findable. It’s not.

I’m sure there are many Google algo reasons why. But AI should fix all of this. That’s my hope at least. Google has tweaked the algo so many times to fight off black hat SEO that worker bees like me suffer. That’s okay, that’s what worker bees do.

Come and get me AI. I’m ready.