A boastful new roast.


One of Starbucks cornerstone brand traits is its rich, hearty, no-nonsense coffee. A brilliant differentiator for the masses. The aroma in the store, the bags of beans the real time brewing all contribute.  It is this rich taste however that has kept some coffee drinkers from being customers. And that is a sales opp. How do we convert a person from a “drive by” to a “drive in?”  And do it while preserving “our thing.”  The answer is by moving the cheese a little. And these cheese is the roast.  Roast gets you credit for rich and flavorful.

Introducing Starbucks new Blonde Roast – a lighter flavored, easy drinking coffee option. Tagged with the line “It’s the coffee we’ve been missing for the people we’ve been missing.”  I haven’t tasted the product, but I like the marketing and positioning. It’s quick, telling, contextual and a focused new product. It’s what consumers, or should I say non-consumers want.  It’s not a tea or a slushy…it’s coffee. And a long time coming.

Turn on the sales steamer, this puppy is going to be hot and bring in  a lot of new faces.  Bravo team!

PS. I’m sure hours were spent deciding to leave the “E” on the word blond or take it off. Interesting choice.