A Car Buyer’s Conundrum.




Here’s a conundrum. If you had to go out today and buy an American car would you feel  differently standing on a GM or Chrysler lot than a Ford lot? Ford, during all this economic tumult, has been standing on its own two feet. Sure it has crazy debt, lots of bad contracts, and big dusty trucks sitting on the back of the property, but it is still standing on its own two feet. 


GM and Chrysler, on the other hand, are being propped up by the government; each chewing on billions and billions of taxpayer dollars, hoping to stay afloat.


So here’s the conundrum, do you want to buy a car from a company – Ford – that has demonstrated a modicum of fiscal responsibility?  A company with enough foresight to hold off the insolvency dogs? Or do you want to reward companies that could not see what was right in front of their faces…companies demonstrating horrible management skills? Remember though, in the latter companies (GM and Chrysler) you are part owner. Your tax dollars are keeping them alive.  If Henry Ford were alive…