A Challenge to Sharp Solar


The city council of Berkley, Ca just passed a program that will allow home and business owners to purchase solar panels to reduce energy consumption from the grid, while it reduces emissions and global warming therms.   The panels will be paid for through monthly property taxes, to the tune of about $180 per month – a number in the neighborhood of the resultant energy savings paid to the local electric company. Many other America cities are watching. Which brings me to solar power and Sharp Electronics. 
Sharp, long been known for its AQUOS TVs, copiers and consumer and business appliances, is not really well known for being the world’s leading solar company, but it is, “providing more solar energy around the globe than anyone else.” Inventors of the LCD and many other breakthroughs, Sharp has an amazing R&D department.   Here’s a business winning challenge to Sharp:
Design the world’s first solar power roofing tile. The tiles needn’t be small like current roofing shingles or large like tin roofs, they just need to capture the rays and heat of the sun, withstand 20 years of weather, and be fairly economical to own and install. 
Sharp Solar, has an opportunity to be the world’s first truly green company…and it already has a mighty head start. Good luck. Peace!