A crafty sneaker company.


I had an amazing girlfriend in college who used to hand-paint socks. They were cooler than cool. Almost still have a pair…it was a long time ago. B Street Shoes is a concern whose founder Blake Barash had made a business out of hand painting kicks or sneakers. His site on Etsy gets more than 140,000 visits a month and his shoes sell for about 2 hundie. Blake, has found the craft economy. I love to read this kind of story.

My college psych profession tried to steer me into “leisure time counseling,” thinking as technology evolved people would have more time on their hands. The craft economy is an answer to that free time. Rather than ingest digits, saturated fats, TV shows and movies, people are finding it exciting to make stuff. And, in the craft economy the stuff we make is meant to last, not hit the landfill. Woodworking for men of a certain age is all the rage. Cooking and gardening are coming back into fashion. In the craft economy, we have a newfound appreciated of goods and services. Keep it coming.