A killer app for radio.



I’ve always been a big radio fan. Too much so, perhaps. I’ve argued with a TV exec buddy of mine that radio will make a comeback in terms of dramatic programming — think TV drama for radio. Okay, I’m still waiting on that one but it’s early in the 21st century. 
PSFK today posted a neat story regarding radio that solves community
If you have ever listened to public radio in small town or resort town, you’ll know how this type of radio works. And why it works. It is local people talking local stuff. From lost and found, to ride boards, weather, events – it’s a wonderful snapshop of what’s what.  Local radio is where the community rises to the top. Throw in a little music and retail advertising and an outsider can really get the flavor of what makes the community tick. Big city radio has a hard time with this. I think we may have found a killer app for radio.
PS. Going to see Pearl Jam tonight. On the floor in the Garden.