A Truth About Branding.


(This is not Logitech’s current logo, but it is one of the best tech logos ever.)

I met with Nigel Tribe, Atlanta’s top brand planner, a couple of weeks ago and he shared a story about the power of brand worth retelling.  Forgive any minor bits of false news but the tenor the truth about brand value remains.

A new marketing executive was brought in to Logitech, a massive computer peripherals company, to help improve business. He was a known branding advocate. His hiring executive asked what’s with all this talk about brands. And why should they invest in it. “Give me a week to answer your question” was the executive’s response.

He went off to conduct some qualitative research whereby he shared with consumers a pair of brand-less headphones, supposedly in development. He told consumers they were Apple headphones had asked what they would be willing to pay for them.  A second group of consumers were exposed to the same headphones and this time told they were made by Sony. Again, “What would you expect to pay for these?” Lastly, the same headphones were brought before another group with the manufacturer offered up as Logitech.

The research results were brought back to corporate and the brand budget approved.