Amazon or Netflix?


I’ve paid a good deal of attention to two digital technology brands over the years, both of which are being double-tapped by the media: AOL and Yahoo!.  These tech icons have long been under financial pressures and lost tech cred.  They’ve peaked and are constantly searching for ways to reinvigorate. It wasn’t always like this. They were once killer brands.

Today, when I look at two ascendant brands, Netflix and Amazon, I see similarities with AOL and Yahoo on the way up. But history tells us it won’t always be that way. Great leaders need to see beyond today, into the future, and that’s what Jeff Bezos and Reed Hastings are doing. So let’s take stock of Netflix and Amazon. Both are currently in the content business. Both are trying to be the next Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Both have creeped their vision toward the light of the video camera and red carpet. If we fast forward 10 years, which of this two juggernauts will be the winner? Wanna guess?

Here’s my guess. Netflix is more agile and focused. Amazon is a deeper thinker, willing to place more bets and lose more money. I’m thinking ten years out Amazon will be the winner. The journey will be fun.. Have you a guess? Peace.