An Example of Marko-babble.


I often use the term marko-babble to describe some of the effluvia being shared on the web about brand craft. Or marketing craft. It’s my mission to get rid of mark-babble. 

At a panel discussion the other day, I was close to nauseous by the constant use of the word “authentic.” Rather than babble about marko-babble I wanted to cite some content that actually fits the bill.  The brand services company that posted these words will remain nameless.  And I’ve Googled the entire sentences and the posting company name did not come up, so I’m in the clear.     

Let it rain:

We build modern, digital-first brands designed to lead through market change and create long-term value for shareholders, customers, employees, and wider society.

We build purpose-driven cultures that drive employee behaviour and accelerate business growth.

We develop powerful, multi-channel creative communications, and intelligent, user-centric digital solutions designed to create lasting impact.

So, do you have a good idea now of what these girls and boys do? Specifically? Uh…they build, build and develop.

As famous Broadway producer David Belasco once said “If you can’t write your idea on the back of my calling card, you don’t have a clear idea.”