Apple’s Product Diaspora.


I have not spent a lot of my hard-earned buying Apple products. I have a fallow iTunes account, had an iPod, and I worked on a Mac for a year while at an ad agency. I’ve not read any books about Steve Jobs, but did go to see the recent movie – which was fab. I love Apple marketing. I love its sensibility and design. Cool company indeed. But I wonder about its product diaspora — something I’m reading about every day. There’s Apple Pay, also a new peer-to-peer payment system in the offing, Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Radio…the list goes on.

Is this a device company?  A platform company?  A transaction or app company? I know not. It’s certainly a rich company. A successful company.  It is one of the world’s most admired companies. The big question is, is the brand more important than the products? It seems so. And that’s a great place for a brand to be. But with this product diaspora, I’m beginning to wonder what will happen to the brand in 5, 10 and 20 years?  When the word Apple and the mind do not synch up. What will teens and tweens associate with the brand? Apple is an overdog. A great one. But what will this product/service/app creep do to it?

Time will tell. Perhaps on an Apple Watch. Peace.