Are KPIs a Brand Tool?


KPIs (key performance indicators) came into active use in the 90s, though codifying business objectives has been around since the 1800s. In an interview by Ana Anjelic of two founders of South Fork Pottery here in Asheville I noticed a reference to establishing KPIs for each department. Measurement dashboards are au courant. But that means lots of KPIs. How many KPIs is too many I wonder.

Jeff Finkle a smart VC and finance dude came up with a wonderful performance objective a number of years ago I have used with clients for years. It’s a key branding objective really and it is tied solely to the brand claim.

Every day, at the end of work, as each employee is walking to their car, that person should ask themself “What did I do today to (insert brand claim here)?” If they did nothing to advance the brand claim, it wasn’t a great day. It was a day they could have been more productive.

Sharing the company or product brand claim with every employee is free. Reminding them they are there to advance the claim is free. Creating incentives and culture around a brand claim is business-winning. It puts the entire company into the marketing effort.

KPIs are for spreadsheet and dashboards. Brand claims are for the people…and the bank.