Art and commerce.


What’s the idea with money and art?

The best art is, and always has been, created by people without a piss to pot in. As a student of rock, I’ve seen great bands lose their way as the money gathers. Today’s geezer rock is so bad because the oldsters never were able to recreate their earlier art after becoming flush and tour with old material.  And today I’ve been reading about the downward spiral of Conde Nast magazines which, it would appear, have been written and produced under the thumb of such opulence that the editorial edge has retreated. 

Money impacts the conscience. Hotel rooms and breakfasts in bed soften and deadens artists’ feelings. Drive is de minims in those who are waited upon. Imagination becomes fettered. They are a rare few who maintain their art when fame and money become a way of life.

One of my favorite questions to ask when interviewing people is “What is your art?” Sadly, the question often requires explanation. Marketers who favor art over science are still the most pure and prolific. Peace!