Ads are not stories.

And that’s the problem.  Ads are selling schemes.  They are attention grabbers first — at least those coming from good agencies.  (But many ads fall into the “We’re here!” category, simply telling people what the product does and where to buy it.)  After grabbing attention, most ads tout claims: “me, me, me, me.”  The claims tend to emanate from the executive suite and marketing department.  If the ad creator is any bit the craftsman the ad will also contain some sense of consumer insight.  But you’ll really have to dig for it.  Often it remains on the brief.

Were ads stories, they would have a beginning, middle and end.  A plot, storyline and moral. There would be a harmony of parts and characters.  And that’s a good thing. People hang around for stories. People remember stories. And though sometimes people remember ads, more often than not they don’t recall the products accurately.  If you are a category leader and a competitor does a great ad, many times you get credit for it.

So let’s story it up Dan Draper. Everything  — that’s everything — can be storified. Peace!