Black Eyed Peas and Target


The Black Eyed Peas star in a new Target TV spot that is visually and aurally very cool. Also cool is the fact that their new CD is only available at Target. Both of these things should be enough to get people into the store but, frankly, the spot doesn’t go far enough to leverage the “cool” in a why that makes non-target shoppers consider the store for other reasons.  The art director did a great job, the copywriter not so much.


Set to the new tune “I got a feeling,” the spot shows members of the band camouflaged against a floral wallpaper, bedspread, graffiti festooned brick wall, creating terrific visual impact.  The song concludes with copy explaining that the CD is available only at Target.  How hard would it have been to add some copy saying “You’d be amazed by what you can find at Target, if you really look.”  Check out the spot and let me know if you agree.  Peace.