Brand Strategy From the Jump


Today, more than ever, companies need tight brand strategies. Especially big companies. Most new employees at companies these days are asked to sit through a half day of orientation. They learn about healthcare coverage, HR policy, the phone system, company intranet, etc. These meetings are enough to make you want to quit. Really smart companies have the CEO stop in and share a little vision, but that rarely, rarely happens.


What every company needs to do during orientation is share the brand strategy. Explain the history of the company, discuss founders and founder philosophy, highlight key milestones which create context for product and service decisions. New employees need to understand the culture of the company. They need to be acculturated.


Most importantly, new employees need to understand the brand strategy and have it dimensionalized for them through examples and stories. Only then are they are equipped to go to their desks and make decisions on behalf of the company.  (Leave the telephone systems and HR procedures for day 2.) Peace!