Branding Is Multiplex.


Brand strategy is all about immersion in your product or service. Identifying problems and clarifying opportunities. You can spend scores of hours listening to consumers talk about your product and watching them use it. You can talk to the sellers of the product, the makers of the product, and the engineers. After many hours you begin to see patterns and reoccurrences of values. It helps form your plan. The plan to position your product.

Don’t forget, though, that your brand isn’t an island. It operates in a competitive arena. And there are people loving, liking, using and recommending competitors. It’s not good enough to look at the competition’s website and come to conclusions about its value. You need to do immersion there as well.  You need to pry into the psyches of consumers you want to win over. You need to see how tightly consumers embrace your competitors. They have a job to do and they, presumably, are working hard every day to defend their share.

So, it’s not just about finding the optimal spot to position your product, it’s also about examining consumer predilections for your competitors. Branding is not binary, it’s a multiplex.