Bye Jersey.


Poor New Jersey.  Even before Snooki and her tanning bed crew stepped into the limelight, it had a sullied reputation build upon the smoke stacks and cat crackers lining the turnpikes.  For years it was unfairly labeled the “armpit of America.” For anyone who has ever walked the Kittatinny Ridge or driven the roads of western New Yersey (what my Norwegian forefathers used to call it from high atop Cedar Lake in beautiful Denville), the love and understanding of New Jersey’s true colonial beauty runs deep.

I’m digging Cory Booker who I believe will leapfrog Chris Christie into the national spotlight soon, and I’ve long been a fan of Newark – a tough city. There are lots of positives going on in this beautiful state, but what can we do to fix its image. Even the tourist board is advertising the other New Jersey to combat the power of the Jersey Shore TV Show. 

So how do we fix this, Mr. brand planner?  Stop referring to it as Jersey. And start calling it by its respectful full name New Jersey. It has a formal name and if people and promoters start using it and allow the riff-raff to focus on the shortcut “Jersey” the brand will begin the ascent it deserves.  Even Rutgers University ran an ad in the paper today referring to the state as Jersey.  Stop it!

Thank you.  Thank you very much.  Peace!