Calendars, the new Marketing Grail.


I have a bunch of “At-A-Glance” calendars in a bag somewhere chronicling my punk and rock and roll exploits as a 20-30 something; years of attended concerts naming the act, venue and date – most all in NYC.  (Did I lose you at At-A-Glance?) My friend Frenchy took lots of black and white pictures at those shows, e.g., Joan Jett at CB’s, the Raybeats, Contortions, etc. which, someday, we will have to break out of his “bag somewhere” and review. Perhaps we can integrate my calendar with his pics for provenance.

The thing about calendars is that they are behavior-based. Proof-based.  They are not theoretical. No armchair “likes” here.  If I went to see Public Image Limited at The Ritz, that means I was a real fan and customer.  A committed customer. One of the unsung marketing databases available online today (and I suspect it’s a dirty little secret) is the calendar. Mine is private on Outlook, but MSFT is doing everything in its power to get me to synch it in the cloud. And they have been pretty successful. Google probably has a zillion records of consumer behavior in its calendars as does Apple.

The hell with parsing emails, marketers should be checking out activities. Where a woman goes and what a man does (hmm, we could call that the Goes-Does, JKJK) are better determinants of future behavior than what they say.  We’re talking Edward Snowden here. Facebook privacy. This is in-your-grill, research hack stuff.  It will soon be a battleground. Stay very tuned.  Peace.