Camper’s slow build in the U.S.


My son is at an age where he’s buying suits and ties and shoes for work. Never one with much fashion sense, my only fashion-forward advice to him is to buy things that are just a little bit out of his comfort range. I use the advertising and market analogy that if it makes you feel a little uncomfortable, it’s probably good. Noticeable. Unique. 

camper shoes

The shoe brand Camper is one I’ve admired for a number of years. Though the logo looks American the shoes def possess a European flavor. These shoes were hipster before hipsters. They are loud, colorful, not quite garish and that’s what I love about them. I’ve tossed a few strategic ideas over the transom to a sales friend at Camper, with little success. One such idea was to make feet sexy.  

The last time we spoke Camper was not killing it in the U.S. That said, the brand and style portfolio are so strong it can’t help but (take that grammarians). Camper will be a huge in the U.S.  A nice budget would help but, alas, the U.S. is an expensive media market, and canvas and dye don’t grow on trees. So the brand will have to creep along by itself until an unexpected fashion forward group pulls it through the garden hose.  Keep an eye out!