Circuit City Needs a Branding Idea.

Circuit City’s chairman, president, CEO Philip Schoonover stepped down yesterday, perhaps from the weight of all his titles. Actually, Circuit City has been performing poorly and needed a change.
I’ve been in a Circuit City recently and the stores are nice. A little darker than Best Buy, but that’s soothing and makes the electronics glow a bit more. The place is not cavernous and the employees seem well-trained. Circuit City, though, does not really own a positioning the mind of the consumer.  And it could. I’m not sure Circuit City even advertises — if it does, it probably just uses circulars or price ads.
The new CEO needs a smart CMO, a good agency and a clean, ownable branding idea. Best Buy is about selection and price. Radio Shack is about personal service, but the place look like a toy store. Circuit City, with its name and heritage, has the opportunity to be “expert” in electronics.  The place that explains, clarifies and recommends. Think Geek Squad for all things electronic.  Peace!