Claim and proof.



My wife has kept the coffee in the freezer for years. This morning I went to make a pot and it’s not there. Why?  Because a woman with whom she works said it is not good to keep coffee in the freezer.  My wife changed her behavior for one of two reasons: the woman is a known, recognized coffee expert or the woman said something that led my wife to believe that putting coffee in the freezer hurts the taste. I suspect it was the latter explanation. The “something” she told my wife had to carry some weight. In advertising or marketing changing behavior requires claim and proof. Just saying it “tastes better if you don’t keep it in the freezer,” is not convincing. Especially to someone who has done it for so long. The claimant needed to persuade or convince through reasonable, explainable proof.  Not “taste test” proof, but scientific sounding, plausible evidence. 

Claim and proof is what selling is all about.   (I’m off to get my first cup of non-freezer coffee in years. Wonder if it’s going to taste any different.) Peace!