Clean tech. Legs, lungs and muffin top.


The next big thing is clean tech.  Why is it the next big thing?  Because it’s good for the planet and that’s good for mankind.  Foursquare and mobile devices are good for investors, technology companies and engineering schools but I don’t always like what I see when humans  over use technology.  Kids who keep their heads down when walking into a room full of peers, hiding in their devices, is not a good thing…unless they’re communicating with a friend in Tunisia.  But that’s a story for another day. Back to clean tech.

It’s easy to blame the automobile industry and the oil industry for messing up our planet’s future.  The simple fact is, in the U.S. we’re a driven country.  And not in an entrepreneurial way.  We drive everywhere. Mostly out of habit. We drive to the store to buy bicycle riding equipment. We drive to the health club.  We drive to the organic food store. We drive to weight watchers meetings. And we will drive to our clean tech jobs. 

Are we nucking futs?  We really are a smart country but we’re conditioned.  If we start walking, and riding and skateboarding we can begin to eradicate diabetes, circulation problems, headaches (I’m making some of this up, but go with it), sleeplessness, muffin-top and man boobs. Clean tech is coming, but let’s use out legs and lungs to get there. Peace!