Conspicuous Frugality.


Yana Paskova for The New York Times


Okay, it’s not me. Value is the new cool — the new black. I tweeted last week “Am I alone in my desire to put together an amazing meal that costs under $5.00?” wondering if a special feeling results from making something out of nothing?


Well today I read a story about dumpsters being converted into pools on urban rooftops confirming the view. People are enjoying being ingeniously frugal and flaunting it. Conspicuous consumption used to be “what’s up.” Now it is conspicuous privation. Being green is very cool but turning nothing into something is huge. DIYers are the new velvet rope crowd. Home made beer tastes better than Heineken. Backyard greens taste better than Jean-Georges greens. And frankly, the conversations surrounding these frugalities are much more deep and exciting.


These are the times in which we live. Embrace them. Take the time. Teach yourself, your family, your friends how to enjoy being ingenious. Fly your “conspicuous frugality” flag. Peace!