Conspiracy Theory?




I wrote a few weeks back wondering if Microsoft’s play for Yahoo was a ploy to get Google involved; the result of which would be for Google to take its eye off the ball (freakin’ Mets) and its strangle-hold on the market.


That strategy would have required Microsoft to have something up its sleeve — for which it was biding time. I’m not sure I was right, at least not that I can see today. Furthermore, while Yahoo is much more infirm than it was at the beginning of this struggle, it appears Google has added $4B in stock value since the takeover began. That certainly couldn’t have been an unintended result of the Microsoft play, if my theory is correct.  


I may come off as a conspiracy theorist here, but still wonder if there is something going on. Time will tell. But for Microsoft, every day Google looks beyond its core in search and search ads, is an opportunity day.