Copy, a lost art.


I often hear “But don’t take our word for it….” in radio ads which precedes some citation of customers or awards won to make a point. “But don’t take our word for it” may sound like good fluid copy but it ridiculous.  It depositions the credibility of the advertiser and of all advertising.   The reason some use this line is because copy more often than not is pretentious, braggadocious and dishwater dull.

It’s not easy to write copy.  It’s easy to write.  It’s easy to type. It’s hard to create words that create desire and predisposition.  That’s what copy is. It’s not information, it is selling.

I was asked to address a bunch of kids on Bring Your Child to Word Day, explaining what marketing was.  “Have you ever had a lemonade stand?”, I asked.  It got most of them nodding.  “You know your parents want that stand in front of the house so they can see you right?”  More nodding.  “But do a lot of cars go by your home?  Did you make the lemonade from real lemons or a package? What did you charge for a cup? That’s marketing.” Ooohhh.

Connect with your audience, get in their heads, then start writing copy.   It is a lost art. Peace!