Healthy Marketing.


He wifus stepped on the bunny’s neck 2 weeks ago (don’t ask) and it caused the big critter  a swollen throat and a good deal of eating discomfort.  Off to the exotic pet hospital she went and with some digestive meds and a bit of gruel all is right with the world. Last evening the bunny doctor’s assistance called to ask how “Alphie” is doing.  The assistant knew about the throat, jaw and prognosis and asked smart questions. She would make a report to the doctor, who would call based upon what I told her, if there was a need.  Poos were part of the conversation.

Most regular doctors today only call remind you of your appointment.  I’m sure HIPPA keeps non-docs from knowing about some of our maladies, but it seems to me a well informed follow-up call from someone at the office, would not only set a patient at ease but clear up some poor patient behaviors. It’s good medicine and good marketing. It is good after care.

Over the next 5-10 years there will be some very exciting changes to healthcare.  We will be remove waste from the system, improve patient records and systematize treatment modalities. Only about 3% of healthcare money spent in the U.S. is preventative, the rest is treatment. Unlike any other civilized country.  That needs to change. A well-placed call from the doctors office following a visit is a start.  After care builds loyalty and behavior change. And not just in healthcare. Peace.