Covid and Fieldwork.


I’m tired of pet peeves — how about a post on stuff I enjoy. I’m reading a book call Go Luck Yourself, by Andy Nairn. It’s a good read. If you like advertising and most brand strategy today is about advertising, it offers ups some neat stories about getting to good, effective work.  Advertising is nothing if it does not impact sales. And Mr. Nairn’s point is you can make luck and take advantage of luck, if you pay attention. It’s a fun read.

During Covid, I remained behind the keyboard and did much of my work remotely. That’s beginning to come to an end. I’m back on the beer and coffee circuit and it’s energizing. I met Frederic Terral, a brand planning like-mind and polymath, this week in Asheville and it pumped me up. Tangentially, I went to an archeology presentation last night on what lies Under Jerusalem and it, too, energized. I find insights and inspiration for brand strategy everywhere…I’m like fly paper for that shit. And listening to the speaker and author Andrew Lawler and a thoughtful Palestinian women commenting behind me, gave me jolts of inspiration. How will textured discussions about buildings, rocks, history, politics, religion and compassion inform what I do on my next assignment?  I can’t wait to find out.

It’s good to be back an in the field.