Data and Devices.


A couple of days ago I posted about big data and how it is a compelling force in education, healthcare and marketing. A friend of mine is a big doggie at an educational technology company called ScholarChip—they sell smart cards. Their key apps are attendance and security at K12 schools and they are making education safer. In the college and university market, there are a number of other companies looking at data, but they’re attempting to improve education quality. The analytics used in these instances are a little more intrusive but fascinating. With enough data over long periods of time, these companies will be able to track and predict student success by smart cards, log-ins and behaviors. Cool.

I’m currently consulting on a healthcare assignment and fresh off another. Data collection of healthy patient outcomes is a key to both engagements. The learning that comes from measuring health, treatment and compliance and the ability to predict healthier patient results is one intention of the Affordable Care Act. And it will transform care in America.

Data and devices are changing our landscape. These are exciting times and we need to jump on board. Peace.