Doritos Entertaining Superb0wl Spot.


In advertising entertainment is a strategy but it’s not a brand strategy. Entertainment is always a tactic. But unless tied to a strategy it’s wasteful. The hands down winner at my Superb0wl party last night was the Sam Elliot/Lil Nas X Doritos ad. When I saw it coming I shushed the room and everyone watched. (I’d seen a preview.) The casting was great, the music terrific, I particularly loved the hip-hopping horse. Great entertainment. Upon a second view I see they were promoting Cool Ranch flavored chip – which was lost on me in my original viewing.

As for offering a visual, audible or emotional reason to buy the chips, there was none. And this has been Doritos MO for years on the Superb0wl. Entertain where the entertainers are.

The media and production for the spot must have cost $7.5M. I bet more people rent Sam Elliot movies and download Old Town Road than buy Cool Ranch Doritos this week.

But, hey, that’s Entertainment.