Down with the data.


My blog and consulting company are named What’s The Idea? To creative people an idea is a campaign-able meme; something that binds creative executions together so consumers can play them back and talk about the product. Big creative ideas are what marketers are looking for and spend millions on. Mostly, marketers don’t look to digital agencies for these ideas. Friends at Razorfish once told me they didn’t get a seat at the big boy table when it came to the big idea. This is changing, but slowly. Where digital agencies are thought to operate is down with the data.

As data collection tools grow and ROI tools refined, “down with the data” is not a bad place to be. Big ideas that appeal to the masses, however, are data supported not data driven. Too much data fogs the creative mind. There’s a trend among digital agencies to seek out traditional planners for idea stim. It’s a good first step to removing the sectarian approach practiced by agencies and marketers. I think removing the barriers between traditional and digital shops is the right thing to do. Granular and macro, used together, create better results. But the big, killer idea is still the center of gravity of great marketing.