Drama in Prime Time TV.


According to Ad Age last week, TV advertising is as powerful a selling medium as ever, maybe more so. The article cited higher average sales lift per gross rating point  compared to previous studies. The research, funded by Ball State, Nielsen Co. and research firm Sequent, even indicates TV is working against teens – who index high against social media usage. Very iInteresting.


Oddly, network TV stations are not making money. They’re not losing AIG money, but they are getting dinged. So networks are putting out more low-cost reality shows, moving variety talk shows into prime time (Jay Leno on NBC is the first), and flip-flopping around new drama series like hot cakes. Cable TV programming is also poaching network dollars putting the networks in a bind.


Where will it go?  Movies in theaters are making a comeback, as evidenced by amazing numbers the last few months, which makes me wonder if soon we’ll be forced to get our drama from the movie theater rather than the TV? I hope not. But near term, I wouldn’t be surprised if network prime time ends at 10 o’clock, and cable prime time starts at 10. Peace!