Dump Some Marketing Cache.


The lifeblood of my business is contacts. When I’m in full-blown biz/dev mode I’m emailing lots of people I know and many I’d like to know.  Cold emails have been a building block of What’s The Idea?. If you’ve been on the receiving end you know what I’m talking about.

My intent with email solicitation is to be personal, business specific and very much “not about me.” The value I hope to produce is value on the topic of branding that speaks to the reader from their point of view.

If I write about “you” and things of interest to “you,” I may get your attention.

As an outbound writer of business development emails, I have open eyes and ears to other sellers. Therefore, I subscribe to many, many email lists and am a member of more websites than most. Sadly, I allow most of these emails to clutter my in box with nary an open. It’s time to unclutter.

Today I’m going on a crusade to unsub all the flah flah flah. Maybe it will save a tree or a planetary degree. If the email sender does not start sharing real value in my email box — value to me not them — they are gone.

Maybe next I’ll start to unfriend Twitter followers.

Dumping a little marketing cache ain’t a bad thing. Peace.