I don’t know enough about hydrogen cars to state that the pursuit of the technology is brilliant or silly. I do know that when Elon Musk calls hydrogen powered cars “silly” from a podium a podium at the Detroit Car Show, it feels like business as usual. For Detroit. Mr. Musk is nothing if not an innovator. Innovators get to make business decisions. That’s fine. But how dare Mr. Musk pooh-pooh a competing technology — a competing transportation innovation.  It smacks of protectionism.

In addition to the silly comment, Mr. Musk offered this “If you are going to pick an energy storage mechanism, hydrogen is a dumb one.”  More than most people, he should know the “idea to have an idea is often better than the idea itself.” Belittling innovation is not something I would expect from the CEO of Tesla. (Also the CEO of SpaceX.)

So let’s all keep innovating our way to fatter asses and bloated arteries and put a car on every keychain. Doh! Peace.