Eyeball, ads and privacy.


I wrote in a presentation yesterday that much in the way of web innovation today is about eyeballs and ads. Ads being the way start-ups are monetized after funding.  For the past 20 years technologists have spent lots of time, effort and money helping consumers bypass advertising. It’s kind of ironic, no?  Well, in one man’s opinion, privacy, or the lack thereof, will be the new advertising. The new digital coin of the realm.

Today’s headlines are about federal judges admonishing the NSA for “systematically keeping records of all Americans’ phone calls” which “most likely violates the Constitution.”  Yah think?  So clearly, Mr. Snowden, people are starting to pay attention,

As this grumble turns to a roar, data collecting companies and big data will have a problem. And data collection will become opt-in. For the ability to have web apps and web features for free, many will be willing to share their data. Data is scientific and when used properly helps predict behavior and purchase. Data is worth a great, great deal. Databases know the sex of babies, often before grandparents.

Yesterday I mentioned TV ad spending will slow due to social media. Today I suggest digital ad spending will wane thanks to the opt-in sale of personal data. Anytime smell a trend here?