Fame. A Brand Strategy Hack.


“For what are you famous?” is an interesting question to get at the crux of brand value.  Fame is such a pregnant word.  I believe Grey Advertising used it for a while in one of its positionings. Then there’s the notion of everyone having “15 minutes of fame.” Don’t forget the many halls of fame. Achieving fame is something most people want – except for those who have it.

When you ask a brand manager what the brand is famous for, it kind of cuts through the clutter. The marko-babble. The listicles.

One of my blog memes is “The Fruit Cocktail Effect.”  It suggests that when you try to be too many things in terms of brand value, you become nothing. Like fruit cocktail…where the peach tastes like the grape which tastes like the pear and the cherry. A sugary blah.

Think about fame as a shortcut to get to good insights.  Give it a whirl.