Financial Branding.


“What would you like the power to do?” is the tagline of Bank of America. Oy. If not a tagline, then it’s a campaign line. I checked the website (I’m a custie, BTW) and it doesn’t appear on the home page and is not locked up with the logo. So let’s call it a campaign line. But honestly, campaign lines are de facto taglines.

No grammarian I, but it seems you shouldn’t end a sentence with the word “do.” Then there is the bigger problem of asking consumers a question. It suggests the brand doesn’t have the answer. It’s also a passive approach. It’s not a claim. Brands are best when they are staking claim to something.

Selling, on the other hand, is driven by listening so as to meet needs. Building a brand on listening, however, is not the smartest move – not unless you have been a brand that has never listen to its customers before. Then it’s news. Listening is the price of doing business. It’s a given.

Bank of America is doing some neat things in the world of banking. It has an amazing name. Lot’s of money. Lots of branches. But its brand is sorely undefined. Like most banks.

I find it hard to believe a gazillion dollar company, tasked with managing the money of millions of consumers, can’t find a claim and proof array to hang its hat on.