Financial marketing.


I’ve been thinking about financial services lately.  I’m sure lots of people have been.  Finances and jobs will impact how the upcoming election plays out.

Financial institutions have been vilified in the press the past 5 years, yet they are still out there hawking their wares daily in advertising.  One radio spot for a credit card sits right next to a property foreclosure spot.  We are a country with trillions in debt.  Is it any wonder many Americans have lines of credit exceeding their annual salary or credit card balances beyond monthly income?

So what have I been thinking about from a strategic standpoint?  How about a financial institution that stops building web apps, and mobile credit devices and starts sharing some best practices about saving?  Any kid with a piggy bank will tell you there is nothing like a little savings.  Any squirrel with a summer nut will chatter the same thing. Saving is healthy and life preserving.

In a sea of bank advertising, all of which is the same, what would happen if one bank decided to talk about the value of saving?  The strategy of saving? The positive community effect of saving?  I’ll tell you what would happen:  this type of straight talk – clarifying talk – would create a bank that people trusted.  Like no other.  The door is open.  Someone needs to step through.  Peace!