Ford Finally Has Lasik



I love this quote from Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford Motor Company in today’s New York Times“We don’t have a sustainable company if we don’t do this.”  His quote references a pre-announcement that Ford is going to convert 3 of its North American truck and SUV assembly plants to fuel efficient car plants. From the same article written by Bill Vlasic: “The sweeping changes are the result of months of strategic discussion by Ford executives….” Months??? Strategic??? Forgive me for over-simplification, but a junior high school debate team could have made this decision.
Anyone with a little foresight could have made this decision. How about 3 years ago when Ford was hemorrhaging billions? Might not they have had some strategic discussions then? I applaud Mr. Mulally for this move, but wish he had made it November 5, 2006. Sixty days after he took over.