Better Rhythm for Google AdWords

There’s a little rift going on at Google over ad revenue: One faction feels that more ads should be served while the other faction wants less. The “more” group thinks ad revenue would have been higher this last report had they their way. The “less” people feel fewer, more highly targeted ads will bring out advertisers willing to pay higher prices.  
I have been managing an Adwords campaign through Google for a while now and beautiful algorithm aside, I get the sense that there are some human decisions taking place there that have been shutting down my keywords. There are times when Google says a particular keyword should cost me $4.00 which I am not willing to pay. So I get shut out.  I wouldn’t be upset if I searched that keyword and there were lots of other advertisers there but sometimes there aren’t. I smell a brain. A capitalist brain. 
Let’s give Google Adwords back to the algorithm.