Future of Work Part 7, circa 2011.


At the time of this doc’s original publishing, I loved this insight.

Peter Pan Syndrome @ work

Don’t want to grow up. Millennials love that grown-ups want to be them. Technology is the Millennials’ great equalizer. According to JWT 6th Annual Trend Forecast, Boomers are not as swept up in the phenomenon as are Gen Xers. Companies have been preparing for Millennials for years – thinking it a competitive advantage. Is it?

Implications for FOW: If we improve usability and education, we will level the playing field between the Millennials and others, and between IT and EU (end users). Might we do a full court press on Millennials (the future, who already think Xbox box cool)?

If you’d asked me about this one 3 months ago, I’d say it held up. Today? Not so much. And by today I mean in the Covid-19 environment. With the exception of President Trump, who comes off as sophomoric, I think millennials and Gen Zers are looking for a little adult supervision. A little wisdom born of experience. And while some may still feel the tech-challenged lack smarts, they also understand their own fallibility. As in financial preparedness. In Japan elders are revered. I’m beginning to feel a movement in that direction in the states these last few months.


PS. I’m not quite sure what I meant in the implication by “the future, who already think Xbox 360 cool.” Perhaps it meant focus on work tools that appeal to millennials. Gamify work???