Good exhaust.

My first visit to Burger King was at the suggestion of my cool older cousin Tom. I was a MacDonald’s kid and we had to drive 6 miles to get there. Wasn’t impressed. I was too pissed off at not getting my way, plus I wasn’t a big lettuce and tomato fan. Not even sure if I had a Whopper.
May years later I am a Whopper fan indeed.  Whoppers are all about the flame broiling. Kings aside and billions in ad campaigns later, it all broils down to the burger and the quality and presentation of the other perfectly orchestrated ingredients. Some Whopper make me moan with delight, others are just average, but I keep coming back in search of those killer Whoppers. 
The best advertising done by Burger Kings does not come from Crispin Porter Bogusky — though they do better than good work — it comes from the exhaust fans. I can’t drive by Burger King without my mouth watering.
The new CEO of BK, John Chidsey, really gets it. Read his interview today in the Wall Street Journal.