A turn off.



I’m in the social networking, social media business and I must say the category is very exciting — but there is one phenomenon than many of the tech alpha fe/males are engaging in that I find odd. It is “real-time notification.” It’s the shit too, because lots of people are is doing it.  Twitter, FriendFeed, Plaxo Pulse, to name a few, allow the wired and wireless to post to the internet their every move and thought, broadcasting it to the world as a feed.
I can see maybe being drunk and thinking that everyone would want to know what I’m doing and thinking, but come on! Sober? I’m not nearly that interesting to assume people need my every typed thought. And many of the people Twittering and FriendFeeding aren’t either.
The technology is very cool, but I’m waiting for the app that is going to make sense for this. I somehow feel all this burn in the ether isn’t good for the environment, either. Let’s turn some of this shit off, Yo.