Great Stony Brook Children’s Hospital Spot.


Stony Brook Children’s Hospital is running an adorably effective TV spot in a category filled with generally poor work. While most hospital ads boast and claim or spout specialty capabilities, aka leading edge treatments and technology, this spot is about empathy. A smart aleck, young physician is talking to her patient on a gurney rolling toward surgery. The doc speaks to the child not in warm and fuzzy, sage-like tones, but as one kid might speak to another. The casting is terrific. The physician is young, female, pretty and a genuine wise-guy. The patient is a fast talking, trying-hide-her-nerves smarty pants, who is quizzing the physician for credentials. What’s neat about the patient is she’s clearly an A student, comfortable with adults, a digital age young ‘un – and not a needy, sorrowful victim. There are no pictures of the OR, no scanners, family member, or big building shots. Just a physician and her patient on the way to an appendectomy. Yet the spot is rich in context.

In day after recall testing, this spot will convey Stony Brook physicians are accomplished, confident, warm and empathic. And Stony Brook patients and parents are smart decision makers. Bravo Lewis Communications. Bravo Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.