Home Pages Are Buzz Kills.


I often come across websites that are so filled with information that have to twitch away. If any of the tabs or copy blocks challenge or spark me, I may click through, but too much information is a turn off.  It’s like the web developers want to please everyone at the company. And because they are coders, they choose to solve the problem of TMI through ones and zeros. But consumer brains shut down. Twitch.

There is a nice trend these days whereby designers use lovely powerful bleed graphics to dominate the home page.  If on strategy and properly organized with some nav to more functional second pages, this works well. You simply can’t put every room in the house in the front hallway.

Many new and emerging companies overdo the content on their homepage. By providing too much info they talk themselves out of a customer contact. They should be showing just enough ab (didn’t say leg), to create further interest.

My last peeve, and it’s somewhat controversial, is to deliver the brand strategy on the home page. Rather than organize the website homepage by product, target group, about and successes, how about we convey and prove the brand story. Home pages today are buzz kills. They are ugly tables of content.  No wonder we need to invent an industry to generate traffic (content strategists).  Peace.