How do we fix network television?


I think the network programming people have to innovate their way out of it. Often we look to shows that are working in the U.K. for inspiration. But alltoo often programmers go back to the comedy, drama, reality, soap and variety show bin. Lately sci-fi and fantasy have caught on.

Mad Men, a period piece with a vertical angle was a smart new idea – but we all know someone is going to do a remake of the Honeymooners sometime soon.  The variety show is back, but losing steam.  How do we pump new blood into network TV?

There are only so many J.J. Abrams and Chuck Lorres and Dick Wolfs.  We need some Mark Zuckerbergs.  The network TV show has too long been a middle-aged and geezer-driven from a creative standpoint.  The creative excitement I’m looking for – we’re all looking for – needs to come from tastemakers.  Where is the new music coming from? Where will we find new fashion? New art? Lena Dunham is what I’m talking about.  Let’s find a Lena in Austin or Reno. Let’s spread a little development money that way and see what percolates.  The up-fronts are happening and Tony Shaloub’s next comedy is not the answer.  Peace@.